UnderRail Episode 10

Episode 10 is now live. Its a hodgepodge of my trying to outwit robot sentry guns. It was pretty painful and I honestly almost scrapped the footage intending to re-record it all, but in every failure there is something. I managed to learn more about the sentry detection radius and the surveillance cameras. Hopefully next time I don't be so stupid and will actually get past the defences.

Episode 10:

UnderRail Episode 6

After out brush with death last episode and successful activation of the outposts its time to head back home and collect our reward. And then onward to glory! More missions are waiting and we resupply and collect what we need to get moving. This episode's focus is primarily the planning stage (and I apologize for the lack of action, but there is a lot of story to address) and it looks like almost everything is set for a quick start next episode.

Remember you can buy the game on Steam for only $9.99US.

Episode 6:

UnderRail Episode 4

Another part of the UnderRail story has arrived. We continue our foray through the rat infested tunnels and come pretty close to death. A couple of good discoveries bring us closer to the final objective of turning on the power, but when a crisis develops, a quick return to safety to resupply is required.

Remember you can buy the game on Steam for only $9.99US.
And you can view the full playlist here.

Episode 4:

UnderRail Episode 1

So I started up Steam yesterday and immediately in front of me was an ad for UnderRail. Its a brand new isometric Indie RPG available. The artwork looked amazing so I started reading. The game is an isometric adventure game with RPG elements (stats, inventory, ...) including a turn-based combat style similar to Fallout 1 & 2. As a long time fan of Fallout 3 (I played it many many times, and always wanted to go back to Fallout 1 & 2) I decided I would check the game out. After only minutes, I realized I wanted to try this game, so I clicked Buy (on $9.99USD, an amazing deal).